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Atlas Twin Pikes Peak HO racing set and a Lionel Pike's Peak Auto Relay race set for sale.
Atlas and Lionel HO slotcar setsAtlas and Lionel HO slotcar sets
Atlas and Lionel HO slotcar setsAtlas and Lionel HO slotcar setsAtlas and Lionel HO slotcar sets
Atlas and Lionel HO slotcar setsAtlas and Lionel HO slotcar setsAtlas and Lionel HO slotcar setsAtlas and Lionel HO slotcar sets
Atlas and Lionel HO slotcar setsAtlas and Lionel HO slotcar setsAtlas and Lionel HO slotcar sets
Atlas and Lionel HO slotcar setsAtlas and Lionel HO slotcar sets
Atlas and Lionel HO slotcar sets
Atlas and Lionel HO slotcar setsAtlas and Lionel HO slotcar sets
Atlas HO Motoring & Racing Set, 1960s.  Here is a nice Atlas starter set that contains the following, all used working condition:

1- Atlas XKE Jaguar, light blue, with decals added.  The decals are usually fairly easy to remove by chipping them off with your fingernail if desired.  Front bumper chrome has fairly heavy chrome wear.  Car runs.

1- Atlas Porsche 904, red.  Right window post has a crack.  Car runs.

1 transformer, 12 volts, working

2 steering wheel controllers with forward and reverse switches.  One controller has the stick shift knob piece broken off, but it can still be switched into positions with no problems.  The same controller is also missing one of the plastic dashboard decorative pieces on the right side.  Both work.

2- 9" terminal straight tracks

2- 9" straight tracks

2- 6" straight tracks

10- 9" radius 1/4 circle curves

6- grey roadway piers, 2 of each size, for elevating the track

10- TJet guard rails, white rubber type, with plastic posts.  They work fine on the Atlas track.

60- brass track joiners

1- set box with cardboard insert.  Box is in fair condition with considerable wear and has clear and brown tape repairs on the corners and edges.

I've also included photocopies of wiring diagrams for the controllers/transformer, as well as a copy of some simple track layout designs.  This set comes with just enough track to do a basic small oval with some extra curves so you can add a circle of elevated track to one of the straights of the oval layout.

Price on this set is $225.00

Lionel Pike's Peak Auto Relay Race set #9544, from 1964.  Lionel also had a version of a Pike's Peak slot car set, as did a number of other manufacturers.  It noteably had nicer scenic mountain lithography than the Atlas set.  This 4-car set will work with most brands of HO slot cars.

The set box is in fair condition, with the top showing some damage as shown from where some tape was.  There is some clear tape running across the length of the box top.

The four running cars include a tan '64 Corvette in very nice condition with a little roof wear.  Some corrosion is present on the spare tire wheel and it's mounting clip.  Next is a blue Mercedes whose white roof has a crack down the center extending down to the rear window as shown.  Third is the blue '64 Corvette also with a little roof wear and corrosion to the spare tire wheel and mounting clip.  Lastly is an orange Mercedes that has lots of glue marks all the way around the four sides of the white top and windshield area.  This car is missing the spare wheel/tire and has a black chassis instead of a grey one.  The set originally had a tan Mercedes which isn't included here.  All four cars run fine, although the tires are dry as would be expected.  For better traction o-rings could be used.  TJet tires stretched on the rims wouldn't fit perfectly, but would probably be usable.  Old Lionel tires are prone to cracking when you try to remove them.  All four cars have the lead traction weight present.  The clear plastic clamshell boxes are included, with one of them having some minor cracks and scratches. 

The used set contents include the following track and accessories, all in good working order:

4- 9" radius 1/4 curves
8- 6" radius 1/4 curves (Atlas curves with yellow center lines that are a bit lighter yellow than the Lionel curves have been substituted here)

12- 12" radius 1/8 curves (these are unused Atlas curves, with white center lines.  Atlas track makes perfect connections with the Lionel track)

2- 6" radius 1/8 curves
2- 9" radius 1/8 curves
1- 5" straight
1- 6" straight
1- 9" straight
2- 9" single cross straights
1- 9" terminal track
1- 9" lap counter (10 lap)
4- working controllers (2 red, 2 blue)
1- non-working original Lionel set transformer
1- working replacement Tyco 12 volt transformer- the hi-torque cars have good response with this power supply, even though it is 12 volts.

26- guard rails
1- photocopy of 4 page setup instructions
1- flag-tag relay racing kit instructions- worn but readable.
4- relay flags with clips (2 white, 2 blue flags)

126- brass track joiners.  With the 35 track pieces in this set you would need about 140 to have the full 4 joiners per track section.  But you can get by with less than 4 per section, so you will have enough to get by here.

1- wooden joiner assembly tool
6- black track piers
1- pair of white relay cams

Price for this classic 60's Lionel set is $175.00
Lionel slot car race set box
Lionel Relay Racing slot car set contents
Lionel Pike's Peak Auto Relay Race track and accessories
Lionel Pike's Peak mountain scenery
Lionel Pike's Peak Relay Set instruction sheets
Lionel Corvette and Mercedes set cars
Lionel Corvette and Mercedes back views
Lionel '64 Corvette and orange Mercedes back views
Lionel Corvette and orange Mercedes side views
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Atlas HO Motoring & Racing set contents
Atlas contents, controller and transformer
Atlas set with steering wheel controllers and track
Atlas HO slotcar set layout diagram and instructions paperwork
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PIC#13  PIC#14  PIC#15

PIC#16  PIC#17  PIC#18
Atlas motoring set track, with Aurora guard railss
Atlas HO XKE Jaguar and Porsche 904
Atlas slotcar Porsche 904 and Jaguar XKE, right side view
Atlas Porsche and Jaguar, front view
Atlas HO Motoring & Racing Set box cover