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T-Jet slot cars for sale, including the '63 Corvette split window and '63 Buick Riviera HO slotcars.
'63 Corvette stingray split window, red.  Very good condition overall. Wheel wells are not cut. The window posts and screw posts are not cracked.  Bumper chrome shows medium-light corner wear.  Running solid rivet chassis.
Price $65.00
TJet '63 Corvette stingray split window, red
Mini Lindy Corvette Stingray, butterscotch, on TJet chassis.  Very good condition overall.  Missing the window glass.  Window posts and chrome bumpers are nice.  It would benefit from a spacer in the rear screw post screw to elevate the rear of the body.  You'll need to carefull open up the screw post holes a bit to make this modification.  These 60's Miny Lindy plastic static kits were often used to extend the possiblities of Aurora model motoring, and this is a nice surviving example of how people adapted them, in a nice color for the vette. Price $50.00.
Miny Lindy Corvette Stingray, butterscotch, on a T-Jet chassis.
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Mini Lindy Corvette Stingray, red, on TJet chassis.  Near mint condition overall, very sharp looking.  Body looks like new from the outside. Body has factory silver painted bumpers in this reissue.  This is the Lindy Corvette released in the early 90's.  Red spacers have been glued in place to space the body from the chassis at the correct height.  The rear wheel wells sit a bit further back then they should for the TJet chassis, but still looks presentable.  Front spacer has a crack.
Price $35.00.
Miny Lindy Corvette Stingray, red, on a T-Jet chassis.
TJet '63 Corvette split window, olive.  Good wheel wells, window posts, and screw posts. Bumpers have average chrome wear.  Arrow decals have been applied and can be easily chipped off, or left on for added old-world charm.  Running TJet chassis.  Price $75.00
Aurora T-Jet Corvette stingray slot car, olive with decals