T-Jet slot cars for sale including the Lola GT, Chaparral 2C, and '67 Ford XL 500.
Lola GT, red/white/black.  Very good condition overall.  Good wheel wells, window posts, and screw posts.  Trace of roof stripe wear on front portion as shown.  Headlight silver paint is worn as shown.  Hop-up kit decals have been left on for their old world charm, but can be easily chipped off with your fingernail if desired.  Running TJet chassis has fairly dry rear tires.  Price $55.00
Lola GT, red with black and white stripes.
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Aurora T-Jet yellow Lola GT with red and black stripes
Lola GT, yellow with red stripe.  Good wheel wells, right window post has a hairline crack near the top, both window posts are straight.  Stripes are nice, and right silver headlight paint has been retouched slightly.  Front screw post has been replaced and holds screw fine, rear screw post has large cracks and is holding screw fine but should be reinforced with glue before running the car.  Chassis has been modified slightly around rear wheel area.  Running chassis has been fitted with AFX pickup shoes.  Price $40.00
Aurora T-Jet white Lola GT with black stripes
Lola GT, white with black stripes.  Very good condition overall.  Wheel wells, window posts,  stripes, and silver headlight paint are nice.  Number 1 decal has been added to hood.  Front screw post is cracked about 1/8" down at the front end, and rear screw post has a crack throughout it's length towards the front.  Both posts hold screws fine.  Running chassis.  Price $55.00
Lola GT, green with white and silver stripes.  Very good condition overall.  Wheel wells, window posts, and screw posts are nice.  Stripes have light wear as shown.  Headlight silver paint has been retouched.  Running chassis.  Price $65.00
Aurora T-Jet green Lola GT with white and silver stripes
Tuff-Ones Lola GT, black/orange/white #3, near mint condition.  Good wheel wells, window posts, and screw posts.  Stripe tampos are all intact.  Just light dirt or discoloration to the orange stripe on roof, not very noticeable at all.  Working Tuff Ones chassis has TJet armature, gear plate, idler gear, and rear gears.  Dry rear tires in need of replacement.  Price $50.00
Aurora HO Tuff Ones Lola GT, black with dayglo orange and white #3
TJet Chaparral 2C, yellow #5, excellent condition.  Good wheel wells, chrome pipes, factory black paint, and screw posts.  Missing roll bar.  Running TJet chassis has wheel chrome worn away.  Price $80.00
Aurora HO TJet Chaparral 2C in yellow, #5
TJet Chaparral 2C, white #2, fair condition runner.  Rear wheel wells have been enlarged as shown.  Pipes have heavy chrome loss.  Missing drivers head and roll bar.  Good screw posts.  Running TJet chassis has silver painted on wheel hubs.  Price $45.00
Aurora HO TJet Chaparral 2C in white, #2
TJet Chaparral 2C, turquoise #5, good condition overall.  Wheel wells are not cut, and screw posts are not cracked.  Left rear wheel well has a small glue mark towards the rear.  Pipes have only very light chrome loss.  Roll bar has been reglued at a slight angle, and touched up with silver paint.  Inside of window glass shows glue marks.  Inside of body shows some scratches on the chrome of the pipes base plate.  Vintage Champion decal present on the rear end.  Running TJet solid rivet chassis.  Price $90.00      Top View
Aurora HO TJet Chaparral 2C in turquoise #5